Saturday, May 21, 2011

Everyday We Are Shuffling

Meow, just get home from Sri Sayang Resort, Batu Ferringi, extremely exhausted here. :((
I was there for a very sweet girl birthday party, Happy Belated Birthday Karen, you're 18 years old now! :))

No Kissing. Haha.

 2 different skin tone muahaha.

With those young bimbos, I feel so old and look like Ju-On in the pic wtf!

He actually took up the shirt to let me snap! 
Steven you got no more reputation from now!

Monica and Chyi abandoned me! I want kiss kiss also. :(

 Chee Chor why you took my spec? :(

*evil face* My young gigolo. :D 

 Group pic #1

Group pic #2

Group pic #3

Group Pic #4

Sore throat, dizzy, eyes hurt and mad tired here, I shall go to take a nap now. :(( 
Can someone bring me to eat something now? :'(

I really had a great night with you guys although that is our first met. ._. Everyday we are shuffling. HAHA, Voodoo rocks! :))


  1. fuiyoh your friend looks like bruce lee wei :P

  2. happy that can see u in happy mood again !!! haha keep it up ar :P

  3. it's like 100 years nvr meet u dy. when wan come KL come us?