Monday, May 10, 2010

Blue Monday

I search you around the college, I thought I can saw you today, but I failed..
Sam told me, you still in Malacca, suddenly I felt I'm a failure girlfriend...
As a girlfriend, I don't know about your schedule, your plan and your timetable...
I tried to change, to fulfill your willing, tried to be a perfect girlfriend.
I know I'm worse than other girls, I don't have a high English education background..
I'm so sorry to make you feel shame...
I know you want me to be better, not for you, just for myself..
 I'm not a perfect angel, thanks for loving me..
My darling, Jim..

Blue Monday
Dark Blue Sky
Tonight is a lonely night
Tonight shall be my dancing night
I miss you so much..
My life become meaningless without you
Tonight I'm alone, I hope I can meet you now.. =)

Finally, I design my own picture..
I feel so happy, hehe..
Just like have a awesome baby.. 
I post it on Facebook..
Check it out
"Hooi Nee Forever"
Mean I am who I am, I won't influence by others..

Btw, I cut my front hair in Glamour..
I look kiddo now.. Haha..
I'll show it to you tomorrow morning..
I hope you won't laugh at me.. *wink*
Tomorrow shall a happy day..
For you and me.. =)
God bless us...

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