Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just came back from Kedah yesterday, took 5 hours to reach KL, damn tired..
Argh.. My holidays suck!
The weather reach 39 degree Celsius, damn hot, my forehead full of pimples because of this!
But I still gain weight.. :)
My face become so chubby when I smile..
Cause I ate non-stop! PORK!!! Every meal must has PORK! I love PORK!! 
Pork is my life!
My grandmum is the most awesome cook in the world, she cooked so many tasty food for me, Pork with Yam, Pork with ginger, roasted Pork.. She cooked everything I want to eat.. (big smile)

 I met Fei Ma before I went back KL..
She is so scary, the first thing she asked is, "Is that your bf on your Facebook?"
Gosh.. She knows everything about me..
She is a lovely god mum..
As usual, I cried again... Sigh, it is my fate..
Maybe she is only person can save me when I feel depress..
We chatted a lot.. I miss her now.. :)

I think this holiday kinda lifeless and I wasted a lots of time..
My life
-Wake up at 11am
-Laptop and TV
-Hang out with friends
-Yam Cha
-Sleep and Eat

Anyway, my holiday gonna finish today and I need to study hard for my SAM.. :)
Gambateh, Lam Hooi Nee!

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