Monday, July 19, 2010

I got the LG Monster Party invitation!

Yeah! I got it! Super duper happy now. :D
This is my first time to entry the Nuffnang Contest,
and I'm so lucky can get it!
Don't jealous.. Peoples.. :P
Thank you, Nuffnang for giving me this chance!
Hey bloggers, we're gonna meet in that party soon!
Tell me if you going to that party too. :D
Now is time to think about my costume,
give me some suggestions..
"What you hope to see Hooi Nee wear in that LG Monster party?"

Btw, this week is my exam week, 
I will be busy and may not upload my blog,
so be patient.. =) 

And please help me in a contest in Facebook,
just click *like*
on this link
You also can share it in your Facebook to help me.
Thank you! =)


  1. congrat!!!
    must share about party..
    i wish to go but too far..

    clicked 'like' for you ady!!

  2. Got it too! Maybe we can meet there? :)

  3. congrats! which u wish u win the phone too!

  4. Hweeen: Thanks ya..
    Rolling Fumbling Thug: Sure.. Hope to see you there. :)
    Simon: I dont think I can win it..
    Vince:Ok... =)
    Tolanic: I hope you are there.. :)

  5. Congrat babe. oh your entry that won it.. that teddy bear; i have the same one at home.

  6. i got this invitation too..but i have no one to go with and i noe going?

  7. I got the invite too. but can't make it on that day :( so sad. HAve fun! and good luck in your exams