Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Love To Touch My Cookies Lip. *LG Cookies Monster Party*

LG Cookies Monster Party!!! Wow, LG got brand new Cookies?! Well, LG is launching the brand new LG Cookie series! Remember the original LG Cookie? Launched last year, the most affordable touch screen mobile phone on the block was a big hit with everybody. Now, it’s back and better with the LG Cookie 3G, LG Cookie Plus and LG Cookie Fresh, with 5 new colours to boot. And Miss Monster Nee Nee is invited, it sounds interesting, lets go the the PARTY together! Be a Cookies Monster today~

Do you guys know how the LG Cookies is created by LG?
Lets our lovely Doll Monster, Miss Monster Nee Nee tells you the story. *wink*

[Story Begin]
One day, Miss Monster Nee Nee wanted go to meet her lovely Mr Monster with her LG bear.

Suddenly she found that her lip is so dry, OMG, Mr Monster is gonna kiss her soon. :(

She prayed  to the God, wish miracle can happen before her dating.
She hopes her lip can be more sexy and attractive.

She told her LG Bear and hoped LG Bear can help her to solve this big problem.

LG Bear said: "Don't worry, my sweet heart, just eat this cookie and your problem will be solve."

She tried to bite the cookie, it is so tasty, just like falling into love.

Miss Monster Nee Nee found that she is so happy and she love that COOKIE!

See, her lip is so sensitive to touch, attractive and kissable. =)
Wow, do you want to kiss her?

She asked more cookies from LG bear and she enjoyed that LG Cookies.

She and LG Bear decided to make LG Cookies and sold it to every monster, they hope monsters also can enjoy this happiness together.

Now, she is ready to meet heer Mr Monster with her LG Bear. XOXO~
[The End]

Ok, I know this story is very lame, but I hope you guys enjoy it. *flying kisses*

The reason I want to use LG Cookies is because:-

1) Button is OUT DATED, totally OUT DATED.  Touch screen is awesome!
(My stupid K700i joystick can't even function, a bit crazy when I want to scroll down. O__O)

2)My phone will shut down anytime and anywhere, my friends can't contact me when emergency. How if I kidnapped by strangers?!
(I scolded by them at least 10 times above!)

3) I love LG Cookies design, I like the colorful stuff. As a professional Shopping Girl, the price is very reasonable. 
(Purple is so seducing, sexy!The widgets are so cool! )

4)I can't online! That freaking phone can't connect to WiFi. LG Cookies have smart social network service (SNS) connectivity!
(I want surf my Facebook, Twitter and my Blog)

5)I want to take photos as much as possible. LG Cookies have a nice camera and the frames are so cute!!!
(You guys also want to see my latest photo right?)

6)The last reason is I wanna be a MONSTER, can you imagine, LG Cookies
can make you be a MONSTER!
Don't forget LIFE'S GOOD, enjoy your life to the MAX!

Your can check the LG Cookies by click here.

You also can get a brand new LG Cookie by click here
(Just go to THE COOKIE TRAIL.)

I hope I can join this party cause 


  1. A ha, you look cute in this post. =)

  2. haha, imagine a good story..
    by the way, my stupid z550i really can't answer my friend call sometime.. will check this LG gadget you recommended,
    Enjoy, nee!

  3. hello!! nice post :D loved your pictures!

  4. LOL hope to see you at the party, I'm going! XD

  5. Talonis: Thanksss. :)
    Kok Fui: Ahaha, I tght the story is very lame.. :)
    TEY: Thanks ya, will try to put more pics.
    Vince: I hope Nuffmang choose me. :D
    Hilda: I can do it for you. :P