Monday, July 26, 2010

LG Cookie Monster Party with Nuffnang Bloggers

Hooi Nee the Stitch had an awesome LG Cookies Monster Party night with Nuffnang bloggers at Nuetral Club.

It is a my first time went to a club and I was wearing a STITCH costume, pfttttt..
Hahaha, everyone was talking about the Stitch and camwhore with me.
I should ask some money from them, cause I'm poor... 
Unfortunately  I can't get the LG phone. *tears*
Btw, it is a good moment with Nuffies.. (:
Anyway, thank Nuffnang and LG so much.. XOXO
Here are some pics and I stolen them from Vince the Moron. Thank ya, babe. (:

With Robb Chew from Nuffnang

With Kenny Sia *blush* 

with Audrey Ooi. =)

Gosh, I forget her name.. @@

With Steven

Niki Cheong, Vince and Hooi Nee.

I like this pics. <3

Stitch with Chanel. O___O

Trying to finish the cookies, but my mouth too small.. LOL

A failed picture by Vince.. My face so fat..

I was talking with Kenny Sia.. 

I'm a cute Stitch.. *perasan-ing*

The 5 best female monster costumes.

After the party, Hooi Nee still the leng lui, kay? 

HAHAHA, Vince was trying to act cute!

I love PARTY!!!!


  1. Oops! Thats not justin, its niki cheong!

  2. Oh ya, the girl whom you forgot - GreenTeaCarm (

  3. LOLOLOL u forgot my name XD hahahahha

  4. cant believe i missed the event because of exams! frick!

  5. so damn cute wor

    wish i was there!

  6. Hello cutezy... nice to be on the stage with u... ;D

  7. NIce costume!
    Stitch seems a lil' oversized though :)