Tuesday, July 27, 2010


HAHAHA, am I look like Angelina Jolie now? OMG, I love her after watched SALT! 
Try to cover eyes with my fringe.
I love her black hair, damn cool.....
Call me Hooi Nee Salt from now!

26th July 2010 @ GSC MidValley.
I got the movie premiere screening from Nuffnang again.
I love Nuffnang laaa.. *kisses*  
What is my opinion about the movie..
Hmm, nice story line, you can't imagine what is the next scene..
The end is like a bit lame, maybe they plan to have SALT2..
I give 8.8/10 to that movie..
I feel like tell you the story now, but I can't laaa... T^T
What can I tell is, her character is out of your mind.. :D
Try to guess the next scene when you watch the movie..
Besides, she got a dog that name sounds like Brad.. LOL
And I'm so sorry, I didn't take any photo cause I was late.. 
Thanks Jackie Loi took the ticket for me
And Everlyn Is Sexaayy gave me the tickets.
Thanks ya,babe. =)

See, Nuffnang is at the back. :)
SALT will by in cinemas on 29th July 2010.
I strongly recommend this movie to my peeps.. :D
It is a nice action movie for Angelina Jolie fans after she married..

29TH JULY 2010


  1. i wish to watch it! but i'm having exam...sob sob

  2. LOL, can't watch with you...
    You at MV...

  3. ooh so salt is worth watching? i had my doubts about it at first..

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  4. can't wait to watch it too (: btw, you look so cute with the fringe!


  5. unfortunately would not be able to make it for the movie... haih


  6. i like u this look , no make up , naturalll !! pretty !