Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celebrate BlackBerry® Hari Hari Mari with DiGi

Hey peeps, I’m so sorry for I can’t updated my blog recently cause somebody cut my line in my house. *cursing him*
I can’t update my blog! (It is the most painful thing for me!)
I can’t login to my Facebook! (I lost all my Facebook games daily login rewards!)
I can’t Innit, MSN and Skype! (I can’t chat with my buddy, boring until can dead!)
I can’t login to my Twitter! (I want to tweet, tweet, tweet!)

I just realize, when you lost that thing, you will started to appreciate it! God, I won’t complain the speed of connection if I can online again!

So, I plan to buy a broadband for my own because I won’t beg him to share the internet! I HATE him so much! *cursing him nonstop*

After visited several broadband company in Malaysia, I got a conclusion. :)

Company S: The most famous fixed line internet, they BROADBAND actually still is fixed line, we still need to set up a modem in our house  and the broadband actually just like they put the wifeless in certain shop, you can just online at that place, IT IS NOT BROADBAND! 

Company P: Still remember their advertisement? (potong, potong, potong) According to my friend in UTAR Kampar, sometimes their connection just 2kbps! (WTF, that still consider as internet?!)

Company C: Not much friends are using their product, so I can’t get too much feedback.  I don’t like their plan for no reason. *laughing*

Company M: Yea, the most popular broadband company in Malaysia. Most of my friends are using their product. The feedback also not bad. The connection very fast and coverage very big.  *thinking of it*

Company D: “Always the smarter choose.” I like their slogan! Their plan very cheap and they got promotion now! I can win a Blackberry if I sign up their plan!

[Loooook Here]

DiGi is giving away RM 1,000,000 worth of BlackBerry® Bold 9700 smartphones with their Hari Hari BlackBerry® Mari celebration in conjunction with their 15th anniversary! There are 10 to be won every day, and all you have to do to win one is just sign up for any DiGi Internet product, or reload RM 30 and above with DiGi Prepaid. With 10 units given away Hari Hari (every day) until 15 September, reload more with DiGi and we reckon it won’t take long to get lucky and win a BlackBerry ® 
And Nuffnang  bloggers, there are 6 phone socks to be won, and we’ll be giving out one each week. All you need to do is tell us why you want the limited edition phone socks in line with the Hari Hari BlackBerry® Mari promotion.

My reason is... Look at those phone socks, I'm falling in love with them. <3 They are so cute, girls, if you're Cartoon fans, don't miss a big opportunity to bring them home. Whilst everyone is protect their BB with those candy colour silicon cover, why don't we just try to be unique. :D  I bet you will be the BB star among your friends. I want get the left side bottom the cute clown, I think it is clown, full of rainbow and cloud, super duper cute and girlish, that's my style. 
Hey, Digi, I want that BB and the BB phone sock, please help me to let me dream come true so that I believe I did a smartest choose in my life! *innocent eye* 
15th Anniversary,

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