Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shaeera Birthday. :)


Congratulate my lovely baby become LEGAL, you're integrate yourself into 18.(Math Studies) :D
8/8/2010, a memorable day for Shaeera and us, I think I'm the alien among them cause I'm the only Jan intake student. O____O

As usual, I lepak in Desa Sri Hartamas(I always there), did facial, manicure and pedicure and washed my hair cause I need to wait for Kennet. Actually I felt scary when I waited them in front of @li Cafe, I was alone that time. *tears* If you saw a sampat perempuan in front of @li Cafe around 5-5.30pm that is me, HAHAHA.

Shaeera's house is quite far, around Selayang there.. Never mind, we got our handsome driver, Kennot with his Wish. :D:D:D We reached there around 6pm, quite early right. (: Ok, the first thing I saw is FOOD!

Food, Food and Food..  HAHAHA. I'm gonna gain weight! No more food picture, they'll kill my life! Btw, I can't stop eating in the party, BBQ chicken wings, beef burger, potato salad and cakes. OK, I know I'm FAT enough!

I'm a little girl. :) I need LOVE, HAHAHA!

Kennet, can't you stop being CUTE!

Budak was reading our love letter. :) Angel!

The best couple of the year. *wink*

They were taking photo. O___O WTF!

This is Giant and Tiny! Ang Ang, stop calling me as SHEMAN!

Tsu Tsu, I know I'm HEAVY. :P

I promise them to Photoshop this picture, Abi, be careful the ghost at the back. :P

[Game Time]
Twist your body. :D

You guys so SICK! Btw, good job!

I can't play cause I was wearing dress that time. T^T

And we did the most CRAZY thing!
OK, I know I was wearing DRESS. :D

HAHAHA, this is the best photo of the day! Kennet, pity la you. :D

The group photo. =)

I love you, budak. I had an awesome night with you guys. (: 
Especially Ang Ang and Tsu Tsu tried to throw me out the car!


  1. looks fun! Food looks yummy & i love bubbles hehe

  2. @zzanny: Yea, I love bubbles too. :)

  3. omg
    y got pic i luk like arang 1

  4. Celebrating a b'day with friends is the 2nd best to celebrating with families.