Thursday, August 5, 2010

Play For Charity'10

Play For Charity'10, an event which is organised by Taylor's College and TNB(Tenaga National Berhad) in TNB Bangsar on 31th July 2010(Sat). Well, as a TCSH student, I sure support them kau kau, I went there as a photographer.(actually that one is my job, HAHAHA.)
Play For Charity is an event that we play games and the fund will donate for people who need it. (:

The TNB surrounding, nice place.

I like this big rainbow!

We started our registration from 8am to 9.30am. Before that, our volunteers already went to others college for some roadshows.

Thanks for those volunteers that helped a lots in that event although you guys are doing for you IB.

Those leng lui at the registration place. 

Cute Esther. (:

Love Shape Balloon for sell!

Vivian. (: 

Jun got a love boob. :D

Belle was trying to promote the food stall. :P

The IB students food stall, they were selling donuts, buns and cakes. 

HAHAHA, seriously the donuts tasted nice although they look disgusting.

The IB student group. :)

With my lovely babe, Belle. I look old... O___O

Sexy Alex!

Pretty girls!

The game station #1

The game station. #2

The game station. #3

Guess who is in the pics. =D

Yea, he is our beloved Mr Rahul!

Besides that, we still had some performances and show.

The stage.

Maira Gaga from TCSH.

Boy version Nobody. LMAO

Live band from other college. 

Fire show!

Fire eater! He just in front of me!

The clown and the fire eater.

The Roti Canai Rocker. :D

Finally, our fund will donate to

It was an awesome day for me had fun with those IB juniors, I felt that I'm old enough when mixed with them!
IB students, bravo! You guys did very well in this event. :)
Play For Charity'10
-The End-

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