Saturday, August 7, 2010

A trip to Seremban and Melaka. (:

Still remember my tweet about I lost in Melaka? HAHAHA.. Time to post about it. *wink*

Actually my family just decided to go Melaka on last Sunday morning after took the breakfast. 
I know they're so random and the worst is the driver got some urgent problem, 
that means my aunt needed to drive herself! WTH!
My aunt sucks in recognize road and I to had become the human navigator again. O__O
*you should buy a iTouch (got GPS) for me when my Birthday, teehee*

First: The highway around Kajang is damn stupid, the signboard shows that Melaka is go straight but actually it should turn left. (Before go to KLIUC there.) And we needed to go back again, it wasted my 30 min! Kanasai!

Second: One of my aunt's friend called her, he invited us go to visit his orchard in Seremban and my family also promised him. Kanasai again, my aunt doesn't even how to go to Seremban's tol!
*I was damn sleepy that time cause I just slept for few hours and I need to instruct her that way!*

Finally we reach there SAFELY! Thanks God!
The orchard is located at Seremban 2. (after the Seremban and before Port Dickson.)
I just wonder why they wanted go to Seremban cause we have orchard in Kedah too, the orchard is totally same. 
Dang! Dang! Dang! 
Before we reach there. It is quite big. (:

The orchard is bigger than you can imagine.

I like the house design, simple and modern. 

It is a nice place to comfort our soul.

There still got a pond. 

I should try to fishing there. :D

I was feeding them. So many fish inside the pond.

Do you see the BLACK FISH? My grandpa told me that they can bite ppl. *scary*

They were looking at the chicken coop, the hen so fat.( overweight)

Another chicken coop. 

The chicken from China(I know sounds wrong)HAHAHA, but they brought those chicken form China and the chicken got feather on its leg. 

The fresh eggs. (: Kampung eggs.

This stupid doggy tried to bite me! KANASAI!

My leng zai grandpa. :D

My retard face. :)
Ok, after that we planned go to melaka to find some Nyonya food. *starving*
But unfortunately we can't even find a NYONYA RESTAURANT in Melaka!
 ( Feeq told me is around Jonker Street.)
Melaka peeps, please tell me where got nice Melaka Chickem Rice, Satay Celup and Nyonya food!
All shop is closed except Mamak around the Mahkota Parade!
I still scolded by them
 (Kanasai, I don't even have a license yet! I can consider SMART cause I can recognize all the road!) 
Lastly, we went to Culture Food Village to take our lunch+dinner!
The pig's organs porridge is very nice but the management is sucks.

And I saw something inside there. :D:D:D
Guess what is this. :)

It is a rabbit! Damn cute just like a dooodoll. :D

That's is my Seremban and Melaka trip!
My aunt went to the wrong link (opposite link)in Melaka. O___O 
And the most funny is still got Melaka's car follow at the back! LMAO!
P/S: Never go to Melaka on Saturday or Sunday cause you will jam at the Melaka and Seremban Highway!


  1. Um..I haven't been to Seremban yet.

  2. the rabbit is you :D

  3. I thought the "chicken from China" should be slim and less hair.... but this one is fat and so many hair !!....

    Shizz... the dog.... really horny !!

  4. dropping by. nice post, never know seremban got such place...

  5. there's a few nyonya restaurants near mahkota parade and melaka raya area. for satay celup, it's either ban lee siang at ong kim wee or capitol at bukit cina. As for chicken rice, the most famous one should be in jonker street lol.

    hope it helps if you're coming to melaka again hahaha.

  6. i want to go to melaka this year end. wonder is it fun?

  7. didnt go malacca for almost a year already.. missing their satay celup =)

  8. it look very peaceful place ....