Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Birthday Present Wish List :)

09/09/2010 The last day of my 17 years old, that means I'm getting legal after today. *excited*
I feel a bit sad when I found my life is getting short, 2012 is coming soon!

Q:What I did in my 17 years old?
A:Well, there is 2 parts, first part is my life in Kedah and second part is my life in KL.
Kedah-My hometown, I spent 17 years to discover this awesome place, I LOVE KEDAH! My last year high school life really sucks, life without aim, just like a rubbish. I didn't pay attention in class and end up with I got 7A's in SPM. (The shame of my life.)
KL- I started my new chapter here, Taylor's! I met my beloved(past tense) and become a blogger(not fehmes at all!), I enjoy my life now, my sweet 18!

I'm an ordinary girl, I hope I can receive presents on my birthday, here is my birthday present wish list. :)
1)Nikon DSLR/ Sony NEX5- As a blogger, I need a better camera for my job, a picture is worth than thousand words. It is so awesome when others praise me that my photos so nice and I just use a normal Digital Camera.
2)BlackBerry phone- I just want MY OWN PHONE! I think it is around 2 years I didn't use my own phone (something happened) and it is easier for my job. I know how ganas I treat my phone before, I promise I'll pampered my new phone if I get it.
3)iPod Touch- If I can get iPhone then I won't want this, I love the design of iPhone, nice graphic and full of applications.
4)Poodle- A white poodle, I know it is hard for me to have a poodle neither in Kedah nor KL. It is just a dream for me to have a pet with the most important person in my life.

That's all, my birthday wish list just short and simple. But the price is a bit high! *evil laugh*

I hope to have a party and all my friends are there but too bad I'm going back KL on my birthday and most of them still in Penang or Kedah. :(

And I'll blog again after the last post, time to change, I deserve better.
Everything I do, I do it for you.


  1. wow!! ur wish list memang cun..haha..too exp wei...happy be-early birthday!!

  2. all of the gifts in wishlist are expensive :p ask from yr daddy! teehee

  3. Happy birthday... hope u get all of those...XD

  4. Happy birthday n damn u !! 7A's in SPM oni??? ONI ar? Grrr....consider smart dy k? =)

  5. we party with u la =) happy birthday !!

  6. Happy birthday! :)
    hope you get what you want!