Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Holidays in Tanjung Dawai [Food]

Where is Tanjung Dawai? It is a place that I-will-never-forget. If you studied History(Sejarah) in form 4, then you'll know a place called Bujang Valley(Lembah Bujang), just 10 min from AIMST University and 20 min from Sungai Petani(second largest town in Kedah). That is my second hometown (Cause my house is at another place around there.) Mostly my highschool friends are from that fishing village, I'm a kampung girl. =) From that place, you can see Pulau Langkawi and Selat Melaka is in front of us! We're a part of Gunung Jerai! I'm pround of it! 

I went back there for 4 days, 06-09 Sept 2010, it is too short for me! 
Here we go. =)
I reach there around 11pm on 05-09-2010, I was very tired after sit on the bus for 5 hours and hungry. So, I decided to EAT!

My favourite supper, we called it as apong! :D
Right:  My crispy apong filled with ham and cheese. 
Left: My brother is chicken floss with cheese. 
 The price range is from RM2.00-RM3.90 (If I'm not mistaken.)

First day in hometown, I supposed be a bad GOOD girl stay at home having dinner with my family, but unfortunately someone called me and told me they were waiting for me. So, I went there to eat my lunch and dinner.

Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken

Grilled Chicken Thai Fried Rice with super tasty belacan!
Thai Fried Rice might a bit spicy for some of you, but I think it is still NON-SPICY for me. 
The belacan is the point! A small plate belacan fulled of chili paddy. 
I ate until sweating. :D

P/S: I lost my dinner photo, Thai dinner. Tom yam with rice and Som Tam. (Thai Salad made from Green Papaya)

My grandma cooked lunch for me.
Thai Rice
Roast Pork
Vinegar Pork Leg
Som Tam
Chicken Soup without MSG

Seriously I ate a lots that day, FML.

Try to guess what is my dinner. :D
Bak Kut Teh, yeah, BKT. *excited*
I went Sungai Petani with my daddy for this BKT! :)
Everyone in Sungai Petani knows this famous BKT in Petani Jaya. (I forget the name)

Northern Bak Kut Teh is different with Klang Bak Kut Teh, their soup is more soupy.
Pork Ball, handmade pork ball, so far I haven't met Klang Bak Kut Teh with pork ball. Rebecca Saw misses this pork ball so much.  But this time the BKT is a bit tasteless for me, I don't know why, maybe that day we're a bit late, around 8pm.

Stay tune, more food photo is coming soon.
-My Birthday dinner
-My Raya food
-My Ipoh lunch


  1. the belacan looks so

  2. first time seeing apong with ham and cheese, so special c:

  3. I LOVE MEAT BALL! i wanna try the handmade meat ball! ahhh! nanged and visited :D

  4. Hahah! YES...pork balls pls WTF!! Why KL ppl dunno hw to eat one! ;p

  5. damn! why not you da pao for me?
    I hope you gain weight after back from your holidays!

  6. yum yummm. i'm born in Sungai Petani!!!! =D

  7. Gosh i love apom! the one from penang is awesome too! :D

  8. Hoho kinda far from my second home of Perlis hahaha

  9. Apong for supper.... so nice ! Hard to find such stuff in the middle of the night in Muar