Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I can't upload any pic right now! Someone helps me! I want to do my post! Sob sob!
More posts are coming up! My Vaseline Cocktail Party! Fullhouse Food Review! Free Movies tickets are giving out as well!
But I need to solve this stupid problem first, whenever I click that "upload picture" icon, it just pop out a blank page! *yelling in front my lappy!!!!*
Help Me! 


  1. thanks for ur condolence wishes ... seems ok for me ... u try and clear cache and enable ur pop up blocker ...

  2. Maybe you can try to go Picasa main site to upload pict??

  3. ah neeeeeeeee. use a diff browser, enable pop up. if that doesn't work, put the lappie in a toiletbowl. i think it will work then :)

  4. i got this experience. Normally i will sign out the blog and then sign in again, then it will back to function. Try that and see :)

  5. It is back to normal now, thanks for your suggestion. :)