Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

[This is a contest for Vaseline from Nuffnang]

If you’re one of the followers on my twitter or you’ve read my posts before, then you will probably know Hooi Nee a.k.a. Stitch. When I saw this contest on Nuffnang, I was thinking whether I should use Stitch for the Vaseline competition. 
But this is kind of a bad idea because Stitch will eat the Vaseline since it is soooooo tasty!

So how…?  D: I was forced to blog about it under the name MissBlueNeeNee. :D So sorry if you expecting me to do a funny story for this post but I didn’t because I think this post should be about the glamour and beauty that every girl yearns for, just like a princess in their own world!  =)

So what is Vaseline? Just an off-yellow tub of petroleum with its signature blue cap? 

Vaseline is a brand from U.S.A since 1872, Older than me, your parents and Malaysia. Looking through the history of Vaseline, it seems that they have always aimed to sell their products at an affordable price!  It means that you too can be an elegant lady by paying a little, don’t you think it’s worth it?  

[Here we go!]
What do you think about your own skin? On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate for yourself? For me, I’d give myself a generous 8/10 =P . Honestly I’m proud of myself, thank God for giving me flawless fair skin.  I know some of you might not believe it, but just look at the picture below. 

So, what is your first impression when you look at my picture?
Girls, do you want to have skin like mine? Envious?
OMG, I feel so bitchy, LOL!

You think I Photoshop-ed my picture, here more pictures!

My friend has a natural tan skin but when she stands beside me, she looks like a Malay, sorry Angnes!

Come closer, we still got the different skin tone!

My daily photo, can you find any scar on my leg? 

Believe it or not, I’m just 155cm and I look tall just because I look fair. According to a Chinese proverb, 一白遮三丑 means that fairness can cover anything. Do you want to know what the secret to having fair skin is? *wink*

Imagine your skin being so healthy that it never feels dry, can your moisturizer do that?
My Vaseline Total Moisture can totally do it! I’m a person who doesn’t really like to use too much skincare, so a bottle of lotion is good enough for me. Well, although I chose Vaseline Healthy White because I wanted to have fair and moist skin, the real reasoning behind it was that I really need a sunscreen for my lovely skin and this lotion is packed with SPF 15 which is suitable for my daily activities!  Even the smell of the lotion is not overpowering or distracting. It’s a subtle fragrance that blends in with any perfume I might put on. 
(I’m not promoting for Vaseline, this is the real review because I’ve using Vaseline since high school!)

Now Vaseline has unveiled its new range of body lotions catering to different skin needs, with variants like:
Total Moisture-  If you’re in need multi-vitamins, it also replenishes 100% of daily hydration, along with the essential nutrients that skin needs to be vibrant and feel healthy every day.
Healthy White- If you hope to reverse signs of darkening and prevent future pigmentation.
Aloe Cool and Fresh-If you hate the oily-sticky feeling of those other lotions, then this lotion can provide fast-absorbing moisture that leaves skin feeling cool and healthy.
Intensive Rescue - If you have dry skin then this lotion is specifically designed with all of your different dry skin needs in mind.
It can also provide 10 times the moisture for your lovely skin with its new formula. 

Tips for girls:
1) While some guys may like fair and silky skin, having healthy smooth skin is more important. So for all you girls out there with a natural tan, don’t fret it cause you still can make your skin moist by using Vaseline Total Moisture.
2) My boyfriend likes me to massage him using Vaseline Total Moisture cause he will smell the sweet scent and he will miss me when he smells that lotion.
3) Drink more water and take more vitamin C because it is essential to having amazing skin!
4) I love swimming, it also helps your skin to breathe! 

Do you know your skin is the largest organ on your body?

Do you want to have a flawless skin like me?
Do you want to become an elegant princess with a little money?
 Do you want to enjoy your holiday in the sunny beach with your sexy bikini

Then what are you waiting for? 
Go to your nearby hypermarket to get your Vaseline today!

The best part of Vaseline having a contest especially for you Nuffnangers is that you can all celebrate YOUR amazing skin!
Visit to get a chance to win RM3000 and Coach bag!
And you also can join me this coming Saturday at Luna Bar!
Don't forget the dress code is ELEGANT!

Yea, I’m MOIST enough! I’m ready to jump in the pool by showing you my AMAZING SKIN!
(Yea, I'm playing in the rain!)

You can touch my skin in that party, I DARE YOU!

Keep Skin Amazing, Keep Life Amazing!
I got a video about how to apply lotion in the correct way, if you want to watch it, leave a comment, I might post it if the comments more than 50. *winks*

XOXO, with love,
Hooi Nee 

P/S: If you think the bikini pictures are too over for you, please kindly close my blog and shut up your mouth, don't make troubles for me, thanks for your helping...


  1. Nice picture of your back in bikini. So fair your skin. I guess the Vaseline SPF 15 works. But I think PA+++ is the measurement to look for in sun block to prevent skin to turn dark :p

  2. Nice one hooi nee! :)
    quite details about their series! and I know you got fair skin! *jealous*

    woah! dare people to touch your skin!

    Can I share the RM3000 with you? LOL

  3. wow....nice nice ads....seriously u look tall from ur picture...hehehe

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  5. Your bikini picture is NOT over at all ^^ I like it.
    I'm jealous of your fair skin. Huhu~

  6. it looks catchy tho. lovely picture of yours. =))

  7. The party is this weekend! Good luck!!

  8. aiyoyo... i still haven't write anything...!

  9. Good luck! You really look fair =)

  10. hi nee,

    yes the sichuan food is spicy slowly burn ur tongue off ...

    hope u really win this contest...

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