Friday, May 13, 2011

Stressed Up!

Arghhh! I'm totally screwed up my life! Accounting exam on tomorrow and Accounting final test is on coming Wednesday which is after my Wesak holiday! I hate Inti so much motherfucker college didn't give us our course exam schedule and the lecturer only informed us last week about the final! Can't you guys give us in paper form, it is much more easier! You ask me how to study within 2 weeks for both exam! I feel like yelling now LOL! INTI SUCK!


I'm not gonna go back to KL since I got exam on Wednesday, sorry KL babies can't meet you guys again!
I can't take my license and need to delay my driving test again! Fuck I'm gonna stay in this haunted hostel again!
I missed all the movies, my Fast5 my Diesel Vin! No more movie night for me! Need to study like a nerd!
I got no time to CLUB, stop my clubbing life for so long, I misssssss Whiskey and Vodka!
I can't go out and chilling with my Viki and Vinsvian, didn't meet them for sooo long!
I got no time to DATE... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, nobody want me also!
And etc....

Bimbo pics here before I get mad! STRESSSSSS AHHHHHH~
 Ghost face, stoning face, stressed face, sohai face! Yeah, that's me!

Stop telling that I'm China chick, Imma kill you even you're Inti lecturer LMAO! I'm NIGGA!!!!

Honestly I'm not fully prepared for the exam tomorrow! Having a stomachache and headache here just because I'm so stressed up! Insomnia, please don't love me tonight!
Wish me good luck, pray for me please. :))
Good night peeps, I'm gonna hit my sack naooooo!

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