Monday, April 25, 2011

Midnight Lullaby

Like usual, I can't sleep again, Insomnia Y U NO go away from me! *big sigh*
Oh yea, what do you think about my new header? I spent like one hour to photoshop it and someone told me it looks normal! *heart broken*

I think April is not my month, I feel so depressed and insecure all the time. =( 
Thanks to those people who actually accompany me especially my besties, love them so much and like what I posted in Facebook, you guys are my forever. :D

I miss our drinking night moment, dressed up like a clubbing chicks and spent the whole night at Boom Boom Chambre, yup, I don't like Mois and I prefer Boom Boom Chambre. I think you can see me there like every week.. HAHA.

Our very self-perasan camwhoring picture, black chicks.. Woots..

I think I shall go to sleep now if not I might get scolded from someone, night peeps. xx

Say YES to liquors before sleep, meh.

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