Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Be Mine ♥

Be Mine ♥
A new photo :)
Not really a new photo, cause I took it when my holidays. Teehee~

 Original Picture

My first try by using Photoshop. Praise me~
The original photo got some many noise, I use my laptop to take the photo. I miss my old camera, regret to break it.. :'(  It is very easy to photoshop your own photo and the effect is damn nice, you can compare my photo and know how a pork chop become a princess..

I just use few steps to edit my photo:
  1. Cut yourself from the original photo. ( Don't use knife!)
  2. Move it to a new background. ( My one is rainbow gradient.)
  3. Adjust the tone and colour. (My face become more fairer. )
  4. Add on some words or whatever you like.
  5. Save your new photo and upload it to your Facebook. (Lam HooiNee)
I can help you to edit your photo if you want... (I'm a beginner.)

Be mine ♥
You're the one can be my beloved,
But you still don't know my blog's address.. (Teehee, Mr.J tried to find out my blog before.)
Maybe we can't meet each other for 1 month, that's suffering me!
I miss him, my Mr.J. 

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