Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tang! Tang! Tang! Tang!

Time to open my lovely blog "I Love Nee" to my friends, I keep it secret from you guys last time, teehee.. By the way, I deleted all older posts (my secretssss *evil laugh*) and will create a new blog for myself, don't get mad! LOL! Why my blog's name is "I Love Nee", this is because...... I'm Narcissist!!! 

I think I'm a bit over high now.. :D Ahaha, thanksss you guys for reading my blog.. *blush* Please support me. :)
I know you all will support me, say YES! *point with guns* I need to earn moneysssss now, to buy a DSLR... Canon 550D, I'm coming.. :) 

1 comment:

  1. BUaya Jess crawl here for the very first time ^^

    I bought a DSLR last year and I really enjoying taking nice pics! HOpe u get ur Canon soon^^