Friday, June 18, 2010

Taste of Dumpling 粽子的味道

Yesterday(16th of June) was Duanwu Festival (also known as Dragon Boat Festival), but I didn't get any dumpling(zong zi) at all.. *sad* :'(
But I get it today!!! *super happy* My family came to KL and took DUMPLINGS for me! *hop around*
They are handmade by my lovely grandmum.. :)
The Big Dumpling- Pork Dumpling(Bak Chang in Hokkian)

Wow, it looks so tasty!!! Do you want to try it?

Inside got a lots of porkssss, mushrooms, peanuts, dried prawns.. *yummy* 

Do you see the egg yolk? I love dumplingssssss... *winks*

Not really big but it is so full..!

This is the small dumpling(Ki Chang in Hokkian).. 

The size is damn small if compare to Bak Chang, so cute..

It is Yellow colour! 

The sauce, Gula Melaka. :)  Need to cook until the Gula melt.. 

Don't envy, it is much TASTIER than outside!

Sorry to my Muslim friends cause they are non-halal.. :'(
I'm gonna take some dumplings for my classmate..
For this festival story, you can check it on Wikipedia- DuanWu Festival



  1. Ahaha, go back BM and ask your mum make for you..