Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thank You, My Friends. :)

Hmm.... As you guys know, Hooi Nee is single right now. Reason=Secret.. So sorry I can't tell the reason cause it is between me and him, and it is passed in my life. Actually I'm quite upset and emo this few days, did a lot stupid things, cried in mamak, insomnia, a bit anorexia.. But I'm better now, I really thanks to you guys who accompany me this few days. :) Especially my lovely Jessalyn, she is around me all the time. 
"Boyfriends can come and go, but Friends are forever."by Viki Tan Shi Min

My lovely Jess, I Love You. :) 
Thank you for everything. My dear.

Please think Jess as Jia Yang cause that moron was not there.
Jia Yang, thank for your hugs. It's so warm.

Jess, Jeron(Retard) & Hooi Nee.
Jeron, thanks for listen to me when I was emo.

Zwei, don't pretend you don't care about me although I know you really care me. :P

Thank my Chun Hean be my "fake" boyfriend. 
My big teddy bear.

It is very suffering to pass through this few days, I keep missing him, the moment we were together, how we met and all his message.. He is a part of my life, I love him to the max, although he is cocky, bad temper and male chauvinism. I can't be alone, I will keep crying, crying and crying until I'm tired. I still love him, I care about him, but I'm so tired, I can't stand anymore, thats not his fault, please don't blame on him. I can't let him concentrate in his study, I want him accompany me although he is busy, I'm too greedy and selfish, I didn't care about his feeling, thats why I want to set him free. Don't let him know about this blog, he is deserve a better girl. And I lost my heart in this relationship. 

I keep listening to some songs to recover my bleeding heart. Those songs really close to my mind and touch my hear. 
For A Friend- Sarah Dawn Finer 
This is for you all, thanks for everything.. Love, hugs, kisses and cares...

Unbeautiful-Lesley Roy 
This song is too close to my status, it reminds me, time to move on. 

Due Anime- Paolo Meneguzzi 
This is an Italian song, due anime means two soul, it mean how two person balance in their love. I failed in this part, sigh.

Anyway, I'll be strong. Don't worry about Horny Dolly or Ah Lan cause I'm Lam Hooi Nee, I promise I'll try to stand up again. :) Seem like he is moving on to his new life and I still standing at the original place, I was crying while I writing this blog. Seriously I think it is too hurt to me and I need time(x10) to recover. :(

Breaking news: Hooi Nee still alive. :)

She is more prettier than before. 
I like my hair curve.(Perasan-ing)

Hooi Nee the octopus. :D
I'm still the silly kiddo in HH2.



  1. Yo gal =)
    I dunno wat happen btw u n him.
    But ya, be prettier =D
    N b more mature, n get better guy in the future ;)
    Ganbatte ^^

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  3. Single, means you can do whatever you want when you need it..
    Enjoy the single life.
    Life is struggle..

  4. Friends forever! In business world, having a lot of friends is a major advantage. =)

  5. true! we must appreciate our friends!

  6. Everlyn: Thanks ya, gonna visit EC's family when I go back to Kedah. :)
    Kok Fui: I'm enjoying it now. :D
    Tolanic: Econ class again. LOL
    Baboon: They're my back up forever, teehee. =D

  7. yeah.. friends are forever! =)

  8. oh, i always think that both bf/gf and friends are temporary... both are capable of deserting you or casting you aside... but that's just me :P

    singlehood is great. i remember being single for a year, and it was a like breath of fresh air, haha :D

  9. U are pretty. I'm sure many can vouch for that.

    Just hang in there girl. I know it's hard, and definitely hurtful. don't worry, with time, it will heal

  10. breaking up is never easy... but at least u still have all ur frens! be strong!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  11. You are not taking economics meh? =)

  12. all euu need is time girl =)
    cheers! all the best!
    God bless euu ^^

  13. love to look at your pictures, you're so pretty :)

  14. Hooi Nee... missing u already on innit !
    Just realize that u are so cute and young.

    Be STRONG and take care !

  15. Vc é muito linda, adoro os seus olhos, o seu sorriso, adoro as meninas lindas da Malásia, agora só falta vc me add no seu facebook :)) ♥♥♥

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