Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I had an awesome day!

3am- Drinking red wine with a chef from French, I had a nice talk with him. (I learn a lots about red wine!)  I supposed go to a pub around my house to eat Germany sausages with cheeses and red wine but nobody fetch me there, FML!

8am- After slept for 3 hours, I went to KL Hilton to enjoy my breakfast, the food not really good but the service is very nice! *thumb up* (Breakfast:7/10, Service:9/10)

10am: Chilling at the Grand Exclusive Suite at Hilton Hotel, that is a different view when you look at the KL tower and Lake Gardens during daylight. 

12pm- Heading to One Utama to enjoy my lunch, Oriental Craving. I passed through this shop for thousand but I never entry. This small shop gives me a big surprise, so far this is the best local food shop I tried in One Utama compare to those Local Food Shops!

4pm- I took a rest after shopping for few hours, Little Taiwan for their bubble tea, I took 2 hours to finish it with some fried dumpling! LOL!

8pm- Victoria Station at Damansara Heights. A belated birthday dinner for me with my good friend, steak with sparkling drink. (Too much wine for me in a day!) I love the gift so much and thank for the dinner. :)
Table No. 5 with 2 crazy peoples from 8pm to 10pm. :P

I know you're jealous that I can eat so many food in a day but I still look so skinny. (My weight not more than 40kg!) Hahaha... 

I believe in Karma and the karma is...
I falling sick straight away! Fever, sore throat, headache and flu! 
I can't go to college yesterday and the worst is there is a test soon!
My accounting report test, 20marks in my internal test!
I'm gonna die after I feel dizzy for a whole day when I want to study. :(
Some rubbish photos:-
Upper left: My giant calculator.
Bottom left: Eating my plum.
Upper right: Act CUTE, wtf. :D
Bottom Right: Studying my accounting. T^T 

I know I look so healthy in the picture but the fact is I can't breath. *teary face*
I'm going to see doctor after my exam.. Seriously I need a full body check. :/
Kthxbai, good night, peeps. :)


  1. wow... so jealous that you can go almost anywhere! those places are so for rich people!

  2. eh! I jealous la, you can go to eat Victoria Station, my favorite beef steak!

    @Lukey, because she is rich. ;)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Stitch :) Take care!

  4. Lamlam, I miss you so badly. Haven't speak you to you for so long. Don't hide anymore, come out!!!!!