Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pretty in Pink

 The very pink of perfection.
I think I'm in love with pink. :)
I'm gonna paint my life with pink!
You can call me as PINK ADDICTED!

Lovely Pink nail. :)
PK109 from The Face Shop
Pink Tube Top from my Vikibaabee.
She gave me when I visited her in Penang.

Camwhoring with my bro.
My eye look super duper small without makeout.
My life in Kedah is kinda... lifeless...
I miss everyone in KL.
How's life?


  1. OMGGG the nail colour so pweeeeety! I wanna get one for myself too.

  2. Hilda: The Face Shop is on sale now! Faster get some for yourself. :))
    Jonshea: Nooo way, I like my Original BB. :P

  3. U look different at the picture.. =D Look Cute le