Monday, March 28, 2011

Super Rabbit is back!

Hey peeps, it's been a while that I updated my blog, I'm so sorry about that.. *sad face*
I'm no longer in Kuala Lumpur now, I have moved to Pinang Land, Penang! That's mean I can't join those blogger events, sad case right?
However, I can enjoy losta food here! Char kuay teow, ice kacang, curry mee, asam laksa, lok lok and blah blah blah... Hahaha, I'm gaining weight soon! *yelling* I should upload food pictures next time.
I love Penang bitch to the max, opps, I mean Penang beach! I'd love the beach and UV light here! I wanna be a tan skin girl~~~  I just kidding, it's impossible to make me become tan-skin-chick... *tongue*


Hey Penang Intians, I'm officially joined with you guys, don't forget to say HI to me if you see me lepak around Inti..
Well, tomorrow will be the first day of my new college life, I need to wake up at 6am and start my class from 8am till 7pm! I hate the time table so much!
The college and hostel just SUCK, check my twitter and you will know what's happened! *thinking about a complain post*
Imma hit my bed soon! Actually I'm studying at Old Town! Do you guys believe it? LMAO!

Lastly, here is my latest pic. (:
Tell me my hair colour looks nice on me! (Ignore my puffy face)
The HORN-Y rabbit is back, stay tune. xx


  1. I love yr curls! All the best in yr studies in INTI and do take care in Penang (:

  2. I am staying at old town too,aiyo
    why don't you say earlier,everyday i pass through there.

  3. Welcome to penang!!! =). Inti is so near to me :D