Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sugar @ Straits Quay

Hey guys, I strongly recommended you guys visit this shop if you're Penang lang or you're on trip to Penang. (: I accidentally found this nice and cute shop during my outing with Vikibaabee and I think I'm falling in love with this shop so much! I almost spent like 1 hour in that shop on that day! HAHA, guess what I found in that shop, it's my favourite game! Yea, ANGRY BIRDS!

Angry Birds and the Pigs! They're sugars and they're eatable! Seriously I want to get them home so badly that time!

See, the birds look exactly in the game! This actually make me screamed in that shop! I know it was embarrassing larh!

My piggy! My lovely piggy! For me, I prefer the pigs more than the birds, maybe I'm born to be bad people, LOL!

They also got other cartoons in the shop like Winnie the Pooh but I hate this cartoon so much , so I don't bother about it so much! I want Stitch!

This shop supplies bakery and pastry ingredients, they do have lessons and they have a macaroons, creme brulee, basque cake & ciabatta bread class on this 29th of April 2011 from 2pm - 5pm. Too bad I got class on that time, if not I'll join them. :(

Beside that, they also sell creative stuffs like those drinking glasses! I shall get some for my beloved V and we can drink drank drunk every night! Plan to get that Bottoms Up in my next visit. :D

Drumstick chopsticks, uhum, you know what I mean if you're my collegemates,  I would like to buy for someone if I had a chance to meet that person again. *big smile*

I swear you won't feel bored in that shop, more details here:
Tel: +604 890 GULA (4852)
Address: 3A-1-3 Straits Quay, 10470 Tanjong Tokong, Malaysia
 End this post with my very cute picture in front of Straits Quay, my latest lepak spot in Penang. (:


  1. awww the angry birds are sho sho cute eh! adorable till kenot tahan! buy me one la! hehehe

  2. I want to buy also but they don't sale it larh! :(